Hydro-Cyclone - Technology

This is a short overview of the technology behind the MINRPO Hydro-Cyclone Batteries:

Superior Materials

Our Batteries are made from acid proof highly wear-resistant duplex stainless steel with no rubber lining.

Efficient Layout

The layout of the MINPRO Battery, is very space efficient and maintenance friendlly. It is also easy for operators to do periodic checks as the flows are visible.

Automatic Pressure Adjustment

The MINPRO Hydro-Cyclone Batteries have automatic pressure adjustment with automatic closing and opening of cyclones to accommodate variations in the flow into the battery, resulting in improved pressure control.

A 16 way battery will have for example 10 manual valves and 6 automatically operated valves which open and close when the flow to the battery increases or decreases. In this way the cyclones are operating more or less on the same operating conditions with different flow rates.