Retrofitting Existing Plants

The AKER flotation mechanisms can be fitted into cell boxes of existing flotation machines. In some cases a complete mechanism may be installed, in other cases it is only necessary to install the lower impeller shaft, impeller and stator unit. Ask for our retrofit dimension sheet and we will recommend the right mechanism for your application. Our retrofit customers have:

  • improved metallurgical performance,
  • lower power consumption,
  • reduced reagent consumption,
  • solved their wear part problems.

Because of the advanced impeller design the AKER FM mechanism is able to disperse an average of 1 m³ of air per minute per m³ of cell volume. For the small cells throughputs of over 2 m³ of air per minute per m³ of cell volume may be achieved. The agitation is very effective with a minimum of turbulence reaching the pulp surface. AKER FM Impeller normally operate with a peripheral speed of 5,7 meters per second. Settling of solids at the bottom of the cells has been effectively controlled with the chosen design of impeller and stator unit.

The impellers are made entirely from wear resistant moulded polyurethane. This feature assures that start-up is always trouble free due to the flexibility of the impeller blades. Draining, dilution or manual assistance during start-up is therefore not required with the AKER FM mechanisms. Since the impeller has no internal steel structure the risk of tearing is also greatly reduced. Typical energy consumption of the AKER FM mechanism lies within the range of 0,8 - 2,0 kW per cubic meter of cell volume.

This is mainly due to the small diameter and low speed of the impeller, coupled with the highly effective method of dispersing the flotation air into the pulp using the Free Flow Impeller. The AKER FM mechanism has been designed for ease of maintenance. Due to the simple, rugged design and field proven choice of materials, there is very little wear on the mechanisms.

The wear components are very simple in construction and therefore inexpensive and easy to replace.