Labscale Aker FM

The labscale Aker Flotation Machine is the perfect match for our pilot and full scale models. The labscale FM is perfect for:

  • Universities and science centres
  • Test laboratories
  • In plant laboratories for internal flotation R&D


The Labscale Aker FM is made in a sturdy design that lasts for thousands of test-runs. Spare parts are easily changed and readily available from MINPRO at competitive prices.

  • Sturdy "ever-lasting" design
  • Stator and impeller lifts out at the same time.
  • Air-flow control in litres per minute
  • Impeller rotation control in RPM


The Labscale Aker FM comes in two versions; a 2.5 Litre and a 10 Litre version.

Model Capacity Weight
Aker FM 2.5 Ltr 2.5 litres  
Aker FM 10 Ltr 10 litres