MINPRO Hydraulic Friction-Drive Mill

The Hydraulic Friction Drive Mills are designed with the same aim in mind as our Hydraulic Roller Mills and they are also mounted on a self supporting frame.

The main difference of our Friction Drive Mills is that the shell is supported by means of a spherical roller bearing. Due to this, the shell of the Mill can have a higher load; Friction Drive Mills can be equipped with steel liners and can be of a bigger size.

The mill is rotated by one or several drive shafts which each has mounted a hydraulic motor. The friction between the drive shaft wheels and the mill shell is the transmission of the mill. The friction force between the Mill shell and the friction wheels can be accurately adjusted by means of hydro-pneumatic accumulators which are mounted between the main frame of the mill and the friction wheels support frame. This device also establishes an even friction force for all the supporting wheels.

The advantages of the Hydraulic Friction Drive Mill are as for the Hydraulic Roller Mills with the additional advantage of tolerating a higher load of the shell.