MINPRO International started up because there was a need for a new generation of flotation machines. There was a need for something that worked better, was simpler, lasted longer, used less power and had less wear. These machines were developed in the 70-s, and many of these are still running today.

Since then MINPRO has expanded it’s product line-up and added mills, cyclones, and more. All they are being constantly innovating on the existing platform of high performance machinery.

Our technological philosophy can be summed up like this:

  • Sturdy
    • Our machines are built to be tough and handle the harshest conditions.
  • High tech materials
    • We use materials that are built to last and are highly resistant to process wear.
  • Innovative solutions
    • We use design that increases performance parameters
  • Simplicity
    • By keeping complexity down to minimum, we increase up-time and decrease the possibilities of errors occuring.
  • User friendly
    • Our hydraulic mills always start without a hitch, Our flotation cells can be restarted even if coarse materials have settled in the tank.