MINPRO Mills - Technology


The principle of our Hydraulic Roller Mills is that the shell is supported on support/drive shafts which have heavy duty polyurethane drive wheels; one or several shafts are driven by means of Hydraulic motors. The axial movement of the mill is controlled by a fixation roller-device which is mounted on the frame. The fixation wheels are equipped with springs and placed on both sides of the discharge flange of the mill shell. To avoid overload of the fixation wheels it is recommended to level the main frame from time to time.

Ease of Maintenance

The MINPRO Hydraulic Roller mills are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The whole shell can be lifted with two hydraulic jacks specially designed to lift the shell and this makes it possible to remove the drive shafts / bearings for maintenance.

Axial Movement Control

The axial movement of the mill is controlled by two fixation roller-devices.