We will deliver the best solutions for our customers by:

  • having the best technological solutions
  • using tried and tested technology
  • using materials that are built to last

We will give the best prices by:

  • not owning any production facilities
  • having an extremely lean organization
  • building heavy components on site or where price/quality dictates

We will have the best service because:

  • we believe that every customer is the most important customer
  • we never give up on projects
  • we are there to solve your issues all the time
  • we have extensive experience with mineral processing in all corners of the earth and with almost all minerals imaginable.

How we do it

MINPRO International owns no production facilities, has no big administrative organization, don't employ people that don't have core values. This way costs are lowered and focus can be on the important factors of invention, innovation, customer support and subcontractor evaluations.

We have the very best subcontractors for our special machine parts. These are produced with extremely tight quality control and continuous follow-up during the production phase.

MINPRO have several subcontractors for bulk units, We always find those that deliver the required quality at the lowest cost for any given project. Sometimes a local workshop can do the job, sometimes we ship components.