MINPRO's Services

New Installations

Complete, new installations of product lines or entire factories.

MINPRO International has wide experience in setting up complete new plants. MINPRO takes the project through the following phases; evaluation, design, basic engineering, machine purchasing, detailed engineering, component production, erection, QC and inspection and commissioning and final takeover. MINPRO will stay the course and be there for the customer all the way. MINPRO International has set up many complete plants all over the world and will help your company do the same.

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Renovations and Upgrades

Renovate and upgrade your mineral processing plant using MINPRO.

Many of out customers already have a mineral processing plant, but wants to renovate or upgrade parts or all of it. This is one of MINPRO's specialist services. We have the experience, the machinery and the staying power to execute extensive renovation and upgrade projects. MINPRO International takes the customer through the following phases; scoping, design, basic engineering, detailed engineering, component production, erection, QC and commissioning. Many plants have been renovated and upgraded using MINPRO equipment to their great benefit.

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Retrofit your flotation cells and experience multiple process improvements.

The AKER flotation mechanisms can be fitted into cell boxes of existing flotation machines. In some cases a complete mechanism may be installed, in other cases it is only necessary to install the lower impeller shaft, impeller and stator unit. Ask for our retrofit dimension sheet and we will recommend the right mechanism for your application. Our retrofit customers enjoy; improved metallurgical performance, lower power consumption, reduced reagent consumption and to a great extent have solved their wear part problems.

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Basic Engineering

Let us do your basic engineering to answer critical design phase questions.

MINPRO International can assist in doing the basic engineering for your plant. If your company has already decided the basic flow-sheet, but need to move forward to something more tangible, MINPRO has the experience and know-how needed to execute the basic engineering phase. Basic engineering is the answer to your positioning needs, equipment needs, plant size and infrastructure configurations. MINPRO has delivered basic engineering to many customers, both as a standalone service and as part of a more extensive delivery.

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Detailed Engineering

Every detail accounted for and everything logically and optimally placed.

Detailed engineering typically follows a basic engineering when all decisions of equipment purchases has been performed. MINPRO International have the competence to perform detailed engineering on everything from small MINPRO Retrofits to whole plants. Detailed engineering provides exact positioning of all equipment and infrastructure, static and dynamic stress calculations and corresponding framework, procurement and optionally construction and commissioning.

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Giving you the process experience your project needs for optimal success.

MINPRO International has an extensive knowledge base for mineral processing since we have supplied equipment to hundreds of companies worldwide. We have operated in all kinds of environments, from the freezing Siberian wastes to the jungles of Africa. We know what works where and what doesn't. MINPRO Consultation will give you access to years of experience in mineral processing in all parts of the world on a vast number of different ores and minerals.

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