New Installations

MINPRO International has wide experience in setting up complete new plants.

Evaluation Phase

Starting up a project of building a complete new plant with a customer, MINPRO goes through all the aspects of the project to uncover advantages and challenges.

Design Phase

To choose exactly the components you need for your plant and incorporating them in a flow-sheet that are both flexible and efficient is a challenge MINPRO knows how to solve.

Basic Engineering

When the components of your plant has been decided, a basic engineering will commence. This is performed entirely in 3D and will uncover special needs and challenges and give a feel for the plant as a whole. This will be the basis for contacting subcontractors with regards to getting offers for component production, construction and erection.

Full Engineering

This will give all the details from the structural integrity of frames and components down to the smallest bolt. MINPRO only use the most skilled and experienced CAD engineers for this work.

Component Production

Most of MINPROs components will usually be built by approved work-shops that have the finest skills in welding, CAD/CAM production and quality control. The key components for some of the machines will be built by MINPRO's own subcontractors and shipped to site.


MINPRO will work close with the company building the plant and follow up continuosly.

Final Quality Control and Inspection

Together with the customer and whomever the customer also want to use as an inspection consultant we will go through the whole plant for quality control.

Commissioning and Takeover

When all physical parameters have been checked. The process component and then process testing will continue. MINPRO is satisfied only when the customer is 100% satisfied.