Aker FM Advantages

Efficient Impeller

The Aker Impeller is an efficient impeller of world-wide patented design.

Direct Start-up

Even in the most improbable conditions with coarse material that has settled in the flotation cell, direct start-up is no problem for the Aker FMs.

Modern Materials

Use of modern, heavy duty materials that last longer in the tough conditions of a flotation cell.

Cell Sizes

Cell sizes are available from the lab-scale 2.5 litre machines to super-sized 200 m³ mega cells. We can also custom design cells for your specific needs.

Low Energy Consumption

Our machines use less power than our competitors. This fact has often come as a more than pleasant add-on advantage for those who choose to retrofit with our machines on top of all the other advantages.

Excellent Aeration Properties

For flotation to work properly all particles need a chance to be in contact with air. Our patented aeration technology makes sure that this happens.

Simple and Rugged Construction

Keep it simple. So obvious, but so hard. This is a philosophy that is in the core of MINPRO thinking. Simpler machines are sturdier, easier to produce and easier to maintain.

Easy Maintenance

We all know how hard it can be to maintain process equipment, how difficult it can be to access the areas to be maintained and how improbable the procedure to change wear-parts can be. Not for our Aker Flotation Machines, they are designed for ease of maintenance.

Long Lasting Wear Parts

We guarantee that our products last for 2- 5 years, depending on the type of ore which will be treated. Ask for details about this major advantage.