MINPRO SMMC - Advantages

These are the main Advantages of the MINPRO SMMCs:

Low Investment

The MINPRO SMMC require a relatively small investment for a complete concentration plant.

Short Delivery Time

The delivery time for a complete plant is very short, as short as 6 months from signing order to delivery of the equipment.

Short Assembly Time

The erection time is also very short since the equipment has been pre-assembled and tested before shipment.

Easy Transportation

The equipment is installed as container modules and transport is economic and easy in this way.

Small Footprint

The construction area for a complete plant is very small due to its compact nature and the possibility to stack the plant vertically.

Few Employees needed

Operation and maintenance of the plant is very easy, hence there is no need for many employees for the plant to run smoothly.

Flexible Design

The systems are normally set up as units, Crushing-, Grinding-, Classification-, Concentration-, Dewatering-/Filtration- and Pumping-unit. This makes the system quite flexible and it is easy to make changes in the process if needed.

Easy Relocation

The Units can easily be packed down, transported and reused in other deposits.