MINPRO Mills - Advantages

Our Hydraulic Roller Mills have any advantages compared with the conventional grinding mills. The main advantages are:

No Concrete Foundation

There is no need for strong and complicated concrete foundation.

Fast Erection Time

The installation of the Mill can be done in a minimum of time, there are only few parts to be mounted and there is no need for accurate adjustments of gearboxes and drives.

Hydraulic Drive

The Hydraulic drive provides very easy adjustment of the speed so that optimal process conditions can be achieved. The Hydraulic drive makes it also possible to start the mill very smoothly. The Hydraulic station is equipped with an automatic start-up procedure (Spider control) only to push one button will start the Mill in accordance to preprogrammed start-up procedure. There is neither need for greasing of drives nor any maintenance of gearboxes and vee-belts. In remote areas when a diesel electric generator is used a smaller generator set can be used due to very low start current of the Mill.


If needed the Mill can be relocated very easily.